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Is early New Year the best time to start looking for a new job?

Well it does seem the logical

By Gerry | 1 year ago

Gerry is a senior professional recruiter and has been sourcing talent at all levels for clients in Ireland with a focus on the engineering and I.T. sectors. He has accumulated his experience for over thirty years and shares his insights and opinions to help you understand what can make you stand out from the crowd when seeking new employment.
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Is early New Year the best time to start looking for a new job?

Well it does seem the logical, after all we are creatures of habit and generally organise our time and activities around set formats and standards.

Employers in Ireland
Let’s look at this from an employer’s perspective. I guess it would be true to say many potential employers see a spike in their recruitment around now. This has got to do with several factors. One of the obvious being, time of year. January comes right after one of the biggest holidays in the year so many recruitment projects will be postponed until employers have that uninterrupted two-month window to make a hire. This coupled with the fact that many companies have their year end on December 31st so recruitment later on in the year often gets pushed out until the following year as other activities take priority. One will also see a fall in applicants in the lead up to Christmas as their minds turn away from work and focus on present buying and ordering the turkey and ham. Psychologically most people are hard-wired to see the New Year as a time of change, time to try something new perhaps, a new car, book a holiday. We sense we have more time to make decisions as we have the whole year in front of us. This perception is strengthened by retail and commercial marketing in general so it is not surprising that the third week of January through to about mid May would be probably the most active recruitment cycle in the year.

From a candidate’s perspective, does this mean you should focus all your attempts at finding new employment into this bumper period, no, not at all. My advice is you should continually develop your offering to the market throughout the year making quarterly updates and changes to your cv so information is fresh and relevant. You should network continually with potential employers and recruiters to ensure you stay top of the pile. Many companies who hire in staff do so without any significant planning or preparation. This means when they go to the market sourcing suitable talent, they are relying on who is available at that particular time. This can be put right by you developing long term ties with potential companies who might need your skills some time in their future. A solid connection with one or two good recruiters will also help your cause no end. You need to find a recruiter who will listen to what you want rather than try to fit you into what they want. You should have a relationship that is based on a strong sense of understanding, where you can be frank and candid about what motivates you personally and from a work perspective. Remember a good recruiter is not going to be your employer but is there to mentor, advise and identify the best possible employment opportunities in the market based on their interpretation of your needs and requirements.

Online presence
Most of us nowadays have an online profile that in many cases is far reaching and more complex than any of us realise. Many companies are now seeing the value of this data and how to capture it effectively to predict your future activities. Algorithms developed to recognise when you are more likely to move employment, what type of employment you will fit etc! The power of this data and data analytics in general is rapidly becoming a core staple of any company looking to focus in on their target market effectively. In turn you need to ensure your online profile feeds the correct information about yourself and importantly portrays the right image and potential direction you want to pursue.

All in all, yes there are hot spots, peaks and troughs but properly prepared and connected to the market, you should feel comfortable looking for a new job any time during the year.

Whenever you do decide to start thinking about seeking new employment, the FinTech sector here in Ireland certainly offers a lot of promise and potential. Start-ups and large corporates alike have shown strong activity in this sector last year and this is expected to increase exponentially in 2018. This increase in activity will be reflected in the growth of with our offering of the best and latest FinTech employment opportunities in Ireland. We also provide information of educational and training opportunities should you wish to reskill/upskill. To keep up to date with the latest news in the Fintech industry in Ireland be sure to check out our Twitter Page.


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